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Hello I am trying to replicate this build i found (https://imgur.com/a/TiWT9). Essentially its a pop up booze shelf. I am not interested in the lights, just the lifting mechanism. I have purchased parts and motors and such, but cannot code at all. My plan was to give this to my sister and her husband for their wedding at the end of the month.

I have momentary buttons, limit switches, 2x N17 motors, arduino uno, and a Lysignal L293D motor shield.

I just need an up button and a down button, to lift and lower the shelf. But for the life of me I cannot figure it out, and now im running out of time. So if anyone is interested in this project, please send me a quote for the coding. It seems simple enough, but beyond what i have time to learn.

Thanks for your interest



Is the wedding at the end of this month, ie. in two days time?
Do you already have it physically assembled and tested?


Well, you could buy one of these lifts or buy their parts to make it here. I have actually used the latter and they work well.

Although it could be done with one, there is nothing about this project that requires an Arduino. And the L293 simply doesn't have the power to drive a motor that needs to move something that heavy. One of the actuators I listed (or a gear motor), a power source, and an up/down switch is all you need.

Sure, I can assemble parts and build it for you (PM me if you need that done), but it's straightforward to build without Arduino.
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