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I use a Modus Master and Slave between Arduino DUE,s

I want to add other functions such as:

Forse_single_Coil etc.

I'm looking for an example with more function's as the standard library, because I am still unable to implant it

Or perhaps where i can find more information how I can add more functions.



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There is a .pdf that presents and explains all the available functions you can have with SimpleModbus library:


To upload the library,there is an issue (I don't know why). But, all you have to do, if you want e.g. use your DUE as a MODBUS Master is:

- Open a new IDE window, name it e.g. MyModbus, then click in the little arrow in the top right of the window and select New Tab (You will see a yellow band).

- Name this New file  SimpleModbusMaster_DUE.h , copy and paste this file from the library into your SimpleModBusMaster_DUE.h.  

- Do that again but this time for SimpleModbusMaster_DUE.cpp that you will save in your SimpleModBusMaster_DUE.cpp .

- Copy the sketch of the example provided. Change the include to have:
#include "SimpleModBusMaster_DUE.h"

Because the library is now in the same folder as your Modbus example folder.

You can now modify the provided example sketch.



First thanks for the response.

I have already the simple master and Slave Modbus installed it works, that is not the problem.

And I have already download the .pdf file with the explanation.

The problem is that the explanation is not entirely clear for my.

So I looking for the simple Modbus library to which some functions have already  been added.

So I can see how you approach this.

I'm an new user, everything is not entirely clear for my.


Since MODBUS is a standard protocol, this tutorial is relevant for any MODBUS library:



OK thanks I'm going to see if I can continue with this.

I think it's not easy for my.


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