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Morning everybody!

If you're searching for a generic inventory system for your workshop, you're in the right place!
After several days looking for such thing for my growing workshop and after trying complicated ERP systems like Odoo and NextERP and tired of easy to crap spreadsheets I finally found PartKeepr (Online Demo here: https://demo.partkeepr.org/).
Web: https://partkeepr.org/# Github: https://github.com/partkeepr/PartKeepr

The problem is linux and for me, being a not so proud windows guy, was tortuous and finally impossible to get this running on a Raspberry Pi 3, even following dedicated instructions. A very good friend of mine, linux master, had to help me.
Because I don't want you to suffer the same than me and because, like me, you only want to spend your time introducing your fancy pieces, I have created a image of my fresh installation for just burn a MicroSD and get ready!

    • Download my custom zipped image (4GB) from https://mega.nz/#!WCQV1aSD!4FnrOf93mTsRwC-F2OwZOImUDSObXF0wgvxVbodAm98.
    • Download and learn to use Win32 Disk Imager from here: https://raspberry-projects.com/pi/pi-operating-systems/win32diskimager
    • Burn the image into a 32GB or greater MicroSD card.
    • Introduce the card in a LAN connected Raspberry Pi (Pi 3 recommended) and switch on.
    • With whatever PC connected in the same network write in a browser the Raspberry IP and press enter (you can see the IP in the router page).
    • Use the default "Administrator/admin" credentials to enter in your PartKeepr system.
    • You're done! Now you can start to work!

    Features/limits of my image:
    • It's 32GB. Yes, I know, I should have used a smaller MicroSD.
    • It's Raspbian Stretch OS with GUI and recommended apps, all installed with NOOBS. Yes, I know, I should have been used a simpler initial image.
    • It's PartKeepr 1.4.0 version.
    • It's clean. Before I started to introduce my personal data, made the image.
    • The speed improvements are done: https://wiki.partkeepr.org/wiki/APC_Metadata_Caching.
    • You may or not experiment login issues (invalid username or password promt). That's because the server is configured as WSSE authentication method. You can easily change it connecting the Pi to a monitor and following this instruction to change to HTTPBasic authentication method: https://wiki.partkeepr.org/wiki/Authentication.

    For the developer: Felicia, I really thank you your extraordinary job, your free community support and love how you have made the difficult easy and nice.
    I would really like to contact you with some simple ideas and I'm looking forward to see the 1.5 version improvements!!!

    Well, I hope you all enjoy this!
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Not much that I can see. Also, what makes me think that the RasPi image might contain some nastiness in it?
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Possibly spoofed.  Or, went to the dark side.  Almost all other posts under that name are in Spanish.
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What's this have to with Arduino?
Well, not much, I wrote this in general electronics but move it where you consider better place.

Possibly spoofed.  Or, went to the dark side.  Almost all other posts under that name are in Spanish.
I don't know, maybe because I'm Spanish genius?
What a wonderful world ❤️.
Fácil, sencillo y para toda la familia.


Very nice job.  Now that Partkeepr has gone dormant, I decided to lock down the app on a dedicated Raspberry Pi.  That way I don't have to worry about updates breaking the software.  Tried to do a scratch installation but kept running into PHP dependency issues.  I used this image file to sidestep those issues.

Anyone running Octopart with with Partkeepr on the PI?  I'm running a PI 3 as a dedicated Partkeepr sever.  I successfully transferred my Octopart key from my laptop but I'm getting an invalid response when  the Octopart URL is called from within Partkeepr (per the PartKeepr log).  The only helpful reference I saw was deleting the cache and rerunning setup (didn't fix the issue). Below is the error messge (with API key replaced with XYZABC).

The specific error message:  [2020-01-06 01:40:27] request.CRITICAL: Uncaught PHP Exception Guzzle\Http\Exception\CurlException: "[curl] 6: Could not resolve host: octopart.com [url] http://octopart.com/api/v3/parts/search?apikey=XYZABC&q=BS-2450&start=0&include%5B0%5D=short_description&include%5B1%5D=specs&include%5B2%5D=datasheets&limit=20" at /var/www/PartKeepr/vendor/guzzle/guzzle/src/Guzzle/Http/Curl/CurlMulti.php line 359

Thoughts and suggestions would really be appreciated.

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