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Im really starting to get into the modular aspect of the arduino and shields, (after quite a while of not really being that into shields, and to a point resenting the far from standard pin pitch that meant etching your own PCBs rather then using strip board!)

But now I can afford 3rd party shields, and etch my own boards shield have really grown on me as....and i get it now!

Was reading the isp guide http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/ArduinoISP and Iv seen the ISP shield that turns your arduino into a standard  6-pin ribbon cable ISP, but was wondering if there were any nice open source single sided one with a dip fitted to the shield for programming of ATmega168/328 chips, or even other smaller tiny chips? 


If you are going to be custom programming some ATmega chips you may want to get the HV Rescue Shield 2 from MightyOhm.com.  It allows you to re-set the fuses on almost any AVR DIP processor (28 pin, 20 pin and 8 pin).  It uses high-voltage parallel programming so it doesn't need the AVR chip to have a valid clock.  Even if serial programming has been accidentally disabled the HVRS2 can reset the chip to factory settings.

An $13 ISP Shield from Evil Mad Science:
It looks like it only supports28-pin ATmega8/168/328 processors.

$3 for the bare board:
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