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Hi I am new to arduino community!

I am having trouble measuring the voltage outputted from each pin using a voltmeter.

Any idea where I would place the two leads to get the amount of voltage outputted when pin is on high?

Thanks so much!


Red lead to the pin and black lead to ground of arduino board.


Why do you want to do that.

Voltage on an output pin can only be one of two states.
LOW (0volt) or HIGH (MCU's supply voltage), depending on how YOU have programmed them.
Minus some volt drop if you connect a 'heavy load' to the pin.

MCU supply of an Uno/Mega is about 5volt, depending on how you powered.
A Nano might show you 4.6volt on all output pins set to HIGH.

Don't think 'analogWrite' is outputting a varying voltage.
It's PWM, a fast HIGH/LOW sequence that a slooow DMM might wrongly see as a varying voltage.

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