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Is it a good idea to use an opto isolator between the Arduino output to a midi out connector which will be sent to a keyboard midi in?

I have seen plenty of schematics for an isolator between the midi input to the Arduino but none for the other way around.

I ask as I am afraid that the output from the Arduino to the keyboard midi in could perhaps send a too high a voltage signal to the keyboard or am I worrying needlessly?




Right.   There's supposed to be an opto-isolator on the inputs, but not the outputs.   If there is an opto-isolator on every input then every connection is optically isolated. Here is some reference information.

If everything is 5V, over-voltage shouldn't be a problem.   I'm not sure why there's an opto-isolator...   Maybe for ground isolation (to prevent ground loops).   An opto-isolator can protect the rest of the circuitry but it's not really over-voltage protection because you can burn-out the LED inside the opto-isolator.  

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