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Hi All

I work in a laboratory, we use a whole bunch of different gasses fed from control panels. The control panels came with NO/NC pressure switches (5V), unfortunately there was no budget for the accompanying alarms. We built some using just LED's and relays.

I would like to use an arduino as the controller for the alarm systems with the following functions:

- Control LED's: When the contact is closed (Normal State) a green LED is constantly on indicating normal status, when the contact is open the green LED turns off while a pair of RED LED's blink and a buzzer sounds indicating fault status

- When contact open (fault status), an SMS is sent to programmed phone numbers stating "LOW LEVEL- GAS X". I would like to use the SIM800L shield to perform this function.

- I would like to interface the 1.5" RGB OLED module with the system. When all contacts are closed then the screen must indicate in green "normal status". When a contact is open then the screen must indicate "LOW LEVEL- GAS X" in red. If multiple contacts are open then the screen should cycle through the different gas warnings.Please let me know if there is a better option for the screen.

- The alarm must have a 'test' button which lights up all LED's (green solid, red blinking) and activates the buzzer. An SMS must be sent stating "TEST". This is to test all components.

- The alarm must have a mute button which mutes the buzzer for a period of seconds

The system must be able to handle up to 10 pressure switches all working through a single arduino mega, sim800L module and OLED screen. SEE PICTURES OF ALARM LAYOUT

I am happy to pay someone to develop the code and wiring diagram (I am very new to arduino).

Please see attached pictures of alarm layout and specifications, more information will be given if project is accepted and rates are agreed on.


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