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Hopefully the right place on the forum:

I have an increasing collection of PCB's , due to having them made in lots of 10, that might be useful to others, all thro hole, not surface mount..

For example :

-1284 "development board" , will take a ZIF socket, with all pins bought out , two pots, some LEDs' transistor drivers, DS18B20's and push buttons, plus MAX232, 7805 .
- Micro view "development board" , pot ,couple of LEDs, connector for programmer to take a micorview plugged in.
- Nano "development" boards with 7805 regulator, OC drivers, LEDs, MAX232, protected analog inputs.

I'm not giving these away, but they could be useful in various projects to others and save time . What do you think is the best way of selling these to recup the cost?

pics to give an idea:


all thro hole
All the holes are big enough to throw components through?


If you press hard enough I'm sure they will go all the way through, maybe not the processor tho' ( though)


You could consider Tindie:

I'm not sure that it would be worth the effort of setting up product listings if you only want to sell your surplus boards and be done with it. However, if they do end up selling well, it should be no problem for you to order more boards to restock and continue selling them. In that case, it definitely could be worth the effort.


Thx pert , I'll look at that

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