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Hey there,

our party room is finally ready :)
The "problem" now is that we need our gasoline generator for power supply (TV, radio, lights etc) and if we are bored and have nothing to do and go there by fun, we either take it with us or have no power there.
I asked myself whether it would be possible to power the car radio there and the lights using standard AA rechargable batteries. I have a bundle leftover from another project, i. e. 10 1,2V batteries wired together so I have a total of 25Ah on 12 Volts.
The car radio of course needs 12 Volts and has 2x40W speaker output which comes from a industrial power supply that converts normal 230V house power the generator provides. The Arduino and the LED light strips are on a separate power supply which also provides 12 Volts.
So, I thought I could use that battery package and connect it inbetween the power supply for the lights and arduino and ground. Same for the radio. Of course I then may NOT turn on the power supplies while the batteries are plugged in but this should work?

ATM it looks like this:
Power supply (+) --> Car radio (+) || Car radio (-) --> Power supply (-)
Power supply (+) --> LED strips (+) and Arduino VIN || LED strips (-) and Arduino GND -- > Power supply (-)

So I would then have it like this:
Power supply not plugged in but connected (+) --> Battery (+) --> Car radio (+) || Car radio (-) --> Battery (-) --> Power supply (-)
and for the arduino respectively.

Would this work?
And do you have any idea how long this will provide power? But I think 2 hours at least.



All things considered the arduino doesn't require a lot od power as long as it is not powering other things like LEDs and such. Since you have all the other equipment, you just need to wire it up and see how well it works instead of speculating. I doubt that the AA batterys will last very long.
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