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Recently I started working on a common LCD 128X128 (ILI9163 driver) with Arduino Uno. But unfortunately there is a dead area on the LCD that cannot be resolved. Is there any comment on this problem? See the attachment please.


The ILI9163 is a 132x162 controller.   It can be configured in hardware for several different geometries e.g. 128x128, 128x160, ...

The first Red 128x128 displays were configured wrong as 128x160 which meant that 32 rows were off the screen when you changed from PORTRAIT to PORTRAIT_REV.
Library authors had to do a "workaround"

It looks as if you have a "Black pcb" which is actually configured correctly.
If you are using a "workaround" library it has shifted the screen to compensate.

Look at Library source code that has OFFSET calculations.

Of course,  your Black pcb might be wrong.
It is always wise to post a link or photo of the display pcb.


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