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I am currently doing a project using linear actuator from Actuonix .I am using I-series actuator which has in-build microcontroller in it.I want to actuate it according to the distance that is given through serial monitor.If the actuator got hit at someplace I need to stop it at that particular position .This is my current requirement .

For this I am using PWM signal to control the actuator. I have calculated the required pwm value for particular distance and using analogWrite(pwmpin,value) function I am actuating it.

This part I have achieved successfully but I am not able to detect the stuck in the movement .For detecting the stuck I am using feedback values  and check whether it is constant or not with respect to time and if it is stuck i want to stop the actuator at that point but for me the actuator remains in the stall condition and the module is heating up.

How to stop the actuator when the stuck is detected? Also the feedback what I am getting is different for different module.so I cannot hard code the feedback position for different distance.

When I searched,many are using Arduino servo library .Is it necessary to use servo library?Because I series has both RC Servo Interface Mode as well as PWM Mode.


You could measure the current drawn from the unit.

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