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May 10, 2019, 08:25 pm Last Edit: May 10, 2019, 08:31 pm by basementmedia

i have build a guitar footpedal with a few momentary switches and an Arduino Mega 2560.

At the back of the unit i have ONE MIDI-Out socket (Pin 2 --> 220R--> 5V, Pin 3 --> GND, Pin 4 --> TX1).

The Problem:
I have TWO devices i want to control with this MIDI-Out (by sending two midi.programChange at different MIDI channels): A Voice-Effect and a guitar Effect....But i have only one MIDI OUT and none of the two devices has a MIDI Thru.

So i have to split the MIDI-Out into TWO Midi Outs...

Can anyone help me how this can be done? I
 want no second MIDI-Socket at the unit (because there's no more space and the unit is already painted...)

Can i just solder/buy a MIDI Y-cable? Or do i have to buy a MIDI-Thru Box (which is much more expensive than the Y-Cable)? Whats the difference?

Thanx for your help



If you can find (or build) a Y-cable I'd give it a try and I'm betting it will work.  

But, I's probably of the standards to hard-wire two "loads" together.  I'm pretty sure the standard pass-thru is supposed to be active with optical isolation.

And...   I kinda' thought the standard required  pass-thru, but I'm NOT a MIDI expert/


That's what MIDI Thru is for. So if the first thing you're connecting to has a full MIDI implementation you can just   plug a lead into MIDI In and then another lead from MIDI Thru to MIDI In on the next device.



You need power to split a MIDI signal properly, as each output requires its own 5mA current loop.
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