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I'm completely new to Arduino and have just installed the IDE on my Raspberry Pi. According to the About section, I seem to have version 2:1.0.5.

When I go the Sketch > Import Library I don't see a Library Manager option. When I search on these forums the answers all seem to have something to do with having an older version of the IDE, but it appears I have a newer one? Or am I reading the version number wrong? Please help. This may appear like a very simple thing but I can't figure out how to install or download the simplest of libraries.


You do have an older version 1.0.5 - Download the LINUX install from the Downloads page.
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Just to add to what spycatcher2k said, you want the Linux ARM 32 bits download from the download page.

When you install the Arduino IDE via apt install arduino, you get a very outdated version of the Arduino IDE. Apparently they had to make some unspecified modifications to the Arduino IDE to get it in the package manager and this is why it has this weird "2:1.0.5+dsfg" version number, but it's based on Arduino IDE 1.0.5, which is 6 years out of date!

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