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Hello everyone!

Please don't consider this a spam, and consider this as being my way of contributing to the community.

For the last couple of years I've been working on a new PCB CAD software called 'Modern PCB Designer Studio' which is FREE.
It's purpose is to design PCB boards and output Gerber files.

The software is in ALPHA, meaning, it is under development but you are able to create a project from start to finish and output Gerber files.

Currently it is for Windows only.

You will find more details on the website: https://modernpcbstudio.com

You can download it for FREE from here: https://modernpcbstudio.com/downloads

Web tutorials you'll find here: https://modernpcbstudio.com/blog/tag/tutorials

Video tutorials, on YouTube.

So, how can you help:
  • Watch/read the tutorials
  • Download the software and try it out
  • Return to this post with your feedback (a constructive feedback will be the most appreciated)

In your feedback you could talk about:
  • What is your experience in using Modern PCB Designer Studio?
  • What do you like? What you don't like?
  • What can you find easy to use? What is difficult to use or do?

I am waiting for your feedback.

Best regards,
Mihai Ene.


Published a new version for Modern PCB Designer Studio v0.5.0

What's new:
  • Implemented Bill of Materials (BOM): management and output on project build
  • Generate PDF documents for all schematics on project build

You can download from here: https://modernpcbstudio.com/downloads

Some screenshots:

1. A completed board (from the getting started tutorial)

2. 3D view of the same board

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