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I used the u8glib and a LM6063 display without any problems.

However I want to move over to the u8g2lib and I can't get the LM6063 to work with any of the constructs, there are not a native driver.

When looking at the u8glib you enable the chip and do a reset, but it seems that the u8g2lib only do a sof reset. I tried modifying the values, but without success.

Any idea why the LM6063 have been dropped when the new lib were created.


Hmm... Indeed the LM6063 was not ported to u8g2. Can you create an issue for this on github? https://github.com/olikraus/u8g2/issues

Is there any ST7565 constructor where you can see something. It does not matter whether your display is mirrored, rotated or has an offset. How would your display look like with the LM6059 constructor?


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