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Hey man, just wanted to send a thank you for this. I have a project coming up where I needed to a servo I could control the speed of. What's even better, I've never worked with servos before ... now, and this was easy as can be to implement.

That being said I have noticed that on movement there tends to be a pause after I do one of the movements, and I see the servo slowly, "ticking", as if still trying to move. So it's almost like it moves to quick, then there's down time

Thank you again for this.


Hi Korman,

I'm using your library for an exam project. First of all, good job with the library, is amazing! By the way, I'm using two servos D980TW (https://www.servocity.com/d980tw-servo) and I can't find the values for limit the speed (I'm referring the 127 that you have wrote on the speed limit of your servos). Can you help me?

Thanks since now,


Is there a way to use the varspeedservo library with timer 2 instead of timer 1? timer 1 is causing some occasional twitches on my servo and timsk0=0 solves the issue but Im curious if timer 2 will work with this library. Thanks

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