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Hello every one
I am a newbie. Can you guys tell me is this possible to show data which is processed in the phone to the OLED Display by connecting it with Arduino and connecting Arduino with the smartphone. I am trying to use smart Phone as a brain for processing and show the output ( numbers and pictures ) on OLED display or any Display which can connect with Arduino. I want to use Samsung S3 and display msgs, calls, and its sensors data to the small screen.
Any help is appreciated.


I have found out that by using the blynk app I can do such things. But still lost :P


Hello, AliNaveed!
What you want is completely real. And I think that the Blynk in your case will not be necessary. It is much easier to take advantage of data transmission over Bluetooth. As a demonstration of the possibilities, I have already cited earlier, but once again I will give an example, where over Bluetooth between Android-phone and Arduino UNO+TFT shield+Bluetooth module (НС-06) transfers control commands and pictures.
Here is the link: https://www.instructables.com/id/Unique-Arduino-TFT-Shield-Arduino-Bluetooth-Camera/
Best wishes!

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