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Hello Everybody,  I am  looking for some help.  I am using repetier firmware for driving a 3d printer and wish to avoid the user from messing with some eeprom values via the controller unit. 

I know that the eeprom use is controlled by defining 1,  the option in configuration,   I need really to hide or disable nearly all the  eeproms.  I have attached the eeproms files used in the sketch.   

I are not really so knowledgeable in programming so some basic explanation is required to understand.  I know very little, so please anybody who answers please explain in detail...

On Repetier form, I was  told that this is not possible but that there is a workaround by modifying the eeprom.cpp file.

was instructed  to look for the function "" void EEPROM::writeSettings()""  and just Comment lines with outputs you do not want to show to the user however this is unclear and did not  work out as the values still appeared in the display menu and were still changeble.

Thanks for any help.

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