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i am using Arduino nano & tested with Uno too, using FastLed library.
the project includes SD module and serial communication via USB.
when i put the line -FastLED.addLeds<NEOPIXEL,DATA_PIN>(leds, NUM_LEDS); starts very strange behaviors like - part of the program not running as suppose too, sometimes reset the nano with no reasonable cause.
when i make this code line as comment - all problems go away and everything works fine.
what is the problem with the FastLeds? are there any conflict with other libraries or hardware?

any ideas? recommendations?



i also noticed bad functioning of my sketch when i include also <Wire.h) library.


any ideas? recommendations?
Right now, your theories about what is causing the problem sound very improbable. But I am relying on my gut feel, as I have been given little else to go on. Maybe you could read the forum guide?


Just a wild guess: the symptoms indicate that (from a software perspective) you're running out of memory.
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Or once the LEDs start running, they are pulling too much current for your power supply. That will cause the symptoms you describe. One thing is sure, there is nothing wrong with the FastLED library.

Note an Arduino can't supply enough current for more than about 8 LEDs.

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