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Zoomcat thanks so much for all your help.  It got us through the competition though our communications crashed for other reasons.

2011 NASA Lunabotics Competition

Anyway, I will continue to kick things around and employ your recent suggestions.



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I think .75 meters deep, about 1.5 meters wide, a meter tall and 80 kg.  The scoop has been tested with a 5-10 kg payload though the motor for the scoop should be able to move about 30 kg, though other issues would likely arise at that point. 

1- 150 lb actuator driven by 2 relays
3 - 400 in/lb conveyor motors
2 - sabertooth motor controllers
1 - Arduino
1 - WiShield
1 - Microswitch to stop the swing motor when it contacts the bot

She's quite the tank and she'll help play in the sand ;-).

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