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I have fantasized about a very small low power bluetooth mouse wedding band style ring with one of these sensors as the trackpad.

Someone, please tell me there is an idiot's guide on how to make this thing work?

Obviously, I just have to buckle down, try to build it, and learn along the way.

But if someone else knows of a previously built project that will help me learn, that would be great!

Thank you all, for everything here!


Many thanks duende_azul for posting this stuff. Looks great.
Those connectors are really tiny to use by hand- any tips?


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Ok. I have pinout for 9800 trackpad. It have i2c interface. Who now how to read data? i will trying.


Is it legal ti use the this trackpad in own projects/devices



This is not legal advice, I'm not qualified and the exact circumstances are going to depend where you are.

However, I think I'd be happy personally to make something with this (if I felt I could make those tiny connections!). After all, even IF you didn't have an implicit licence in the purchased part to use its IP, the "damages" done to whoever owns that IP from your use in a homebrew project would be minimal. They'd have to show that somehow they lost revenue because you made this yourself!


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I am reverse engineering a Blackberry Bold 9650 for a certain game that is only available on this phone. I would like to separate the trackpad into an up, down, left, right, and enter button. Can someone steer me in the right direction please? I have looked at the schematics, but I am still having a hard time. Thank you!

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