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Hello every body,

To preserve noise and consumsion when the audio amplifier TD2030A is not used i have try to use a IRLML2502 mosfet.
I connected the two thinks together like the attach file.
but when i try it the arduio crash and when i connect the gate to the ground the audio amplifier is still working. Did i do something wrong ?

Thank for your help


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That schematic looks ok but it is not complete. No Arduino is shown and we cannot tell which pins of the amplifier are connected. Please post a more complete schematic. Hand-drawn is fine. Also post pictures of the circuit that are well lit and well focused, so we can see where each wire is connected.


Low side switching.

This is going to end in tears!  :smiley-eek:




Paul, please explain.
Remember "phantom powering"?  This device is an audio amplifier.


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