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Anyone else had non-fuctional 0.91 1306 displays from this EBay seller?
Mine arrived non-functional and despite lots of description and photos, he just keeps asking questions instead of providing a remedy.

I have left poor feedback and reported it to EBay.

Just thought you should know, in case you wish to avoid a similar situation developing?


SSD1306 are usually very reliable. What exactly is wrong with the display? It just stays black or is there anything visible? If there is something visible, can you share a picture?



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It is always wise to post a link to the actual item you have a problem with e.g. Ebay sale

This will show photos of front and back of the display.
And show the "shop" that has sold it to you.

It is very likely that a reader can recognise the model and might even own the same item.

As Oliver says,   Chinese modules are pretty reliable.    But sometimes you need to configure a library or change a Slave address.

A recent feature of Ebay shops is to "try to avoid bad Ebay feedback"
Badly packed screens can get damaged  in transit.
Occasionally screens are faulty.
Ebay will resolve any difficullties.

But it is worth getting advice from the Forum before concluding that the screen is broken


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