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I want to power my WS2812 strip of 60 LEDs/m so its 300LEDs. By my math I need 18A with 5v to power it. Any suggestions on power supplies? preferably the plug in the wall adapters, but ill take whatever I can get at a decent price. Trying to find one with enough Amps is tough. Not sure if this is the right forum for this but I couldn't see a better spot. thanks


Yes, it's the right forum.  (Of course it is!  :smiley-lol:  )

You need a power supply rated for that - 20 A at 5 V.  Generally a cased supply like this:

which you will need to mount inside a well-ventilated metal enclosure to protect the mains connections.

You will also importantly require to use quite heavy twin cable - at least 2 mm2, much heavier for longer runs - to connect the LED strip at both ends and parallel it into the strip every 60 LEDs (3.6 A) because the conductors in the strip are not rated for that 18 A by any means.

And you need to run the data and ground connections from the beginning of the LED strip together.  Probably along with the 5 V connection to power the Arduino you are using to control it.


would a USB to barrel cable connection with a 20000mah capacity work? i have an external battery pack that is for USB charging. I could wire in a Barrel connector and use a USB to Barrel cable to use this if possible. similar to this item, but not exactly the same. I just found this one quick on Amazon, a decent approximation of the one I have



would a USB to barrel cable connection with a 20000mah capacity work?
mah is not a current rating but a battery rating. So the question is a bit of a nonsense.

Those sorts of battery packs are only designed for about two or three amps at the most for charging other devices, they will not provide you with the 20A you think they will.

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