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I'm doing a little project that uses a TFT 8bit 8 (parallel) ILI9481 / ILI9486.
 the tests I'm doing on a 64-core f103rb card that has pins compatible with arduino and for the moment the display works correctly.
The final version I would like to migrate it to a blue pill or maple mini (depending on how much memory is used at the completion of the project), in the meantime I realized that the arduino pin D9 has no correspondence on the blue pill or maple mini, how can I solve the problem ?
Is there any compatible library for blue pill / maple mini?
I'm currently using arduino's mcufriend_kvb


Please reply to the question in your thread about ST7781

You are using the STM core.   So Arduino programs should build and run on Nucleo, BluePill, MapleMini, Discovery, ...

Nucleo board have "obvious" Arduino Digital and Analog numbers for the pins.
STM define Arduino Analog numbers like A0 or A5.   Digital numbers match the numbers printed on regular headers.

You can use pin "numbers" like PB10 or PC7 on non-Arduino boards.
Roger's core only understands PB10, PC7, ... style for BluePill.
STM core defines A0..A5 for BluePill but I am not sure which pins they mean.   (You will have to read the variant.cpp file)


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