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Modern regulators don't get damaged by short current surges. They have short circuit protection and thermal shutdown. The OP didn't say that he blew up the regular. The problem here is the brownout.
OK put resistor there


Hi all,
I'm working on a project involving ESP8266s and ESP32s, those modules have either AMS1117 or XC6204 as voltage regulators, which both have their flaws.
I found that bad boy on mouser:
Quiescent  is at 65uA, output is 1A, vdrop is 0.45v.
Do you think it would be a good candidate to replace an AMS1117 (which has high quiescent) or A xc6204 (which is low output current) ?


probably a little late but just in case someone came across this topic
the HT7833 is a 500ma 4uA Iq

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