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Topic: What are the specs of the LiPo Battery included in the kit? (Read 2049 times) previous topic - next topic



On the product page: https://store.arduino.cc/arduino-engineering-kit under the 'Tech' tab, there is no mention of the specs of the LiPo battery. What is the voltage, discharge rating and capacity?

I found the official Arduino Engineering Kit Information Guide (2018): https://cdn.sparkfun.com/assets/e/8/9/c/2/EngKit_Brochure_2018.pdf but it only says LiPo battery in the list of parts.


The battery supplied with my kit is 11.1 V (i.e. 3 cells), 800 mAh, 25C branded HJL (hjlbattery.com). It has a 2-way JST connector for powering the kit and a 4-way balance connector for charging with the supplied charger.

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