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Hello good people,

I'm coming with an inquiry. I and my friend Iulia have developed a code that intends to fade a LED using information stored in a cue list. For this, we are using a nodemcu-ESP8266 board.

In the code:

1. We have created an array with ┬┤struct┬┤ to save information (intensity, fadeTime, delayTime)
2. We created a function iteration that will make the fade. For this, the function will call the value of intensity [n-1] and created an iteration to the value in intensity[n]
3. At last, we created a loop so the values on [n] change and the program runs as a cue list.

Until now the program compiles when the selected board is an Arduino UNO. But as soon as I change it to write an esp8266 the program can't compile.

You will be wondering, why to use an esp8266 if the is no IoT stuff involved. Well, the electronics are reused from another project where the dimmer was controlled by a UDP server. Now we need to get this only one to work standalone based on these cues. To change the electronics is not possible, as the dimmer is no longer with us. So I need to deliver a code for the dimmer to be updated.

I've installed all the drivers and have been programming for the ESP8266 for some time already with no mistake. This is the first time I hit a wall. Please heelp


Please do this:
  • When you encounter an error, you'll see a button on the right side of the orange bar "Copy error messages" in the Arduino IDE (or the icon that looks like two pieces of paper at the top right corner of the black console window in the Arduino Web Editor). Click that button..
  • In a forum reply here, click on the reply field.
  • Click the </> button on the forum toolbar. This will add the forum's code tags markup to your reply.
  • Press "Ctrl + V". This will paste the error between the code tags.
  • Move the cursor outside of the code tags before you add any additional text to your reply.

If the text exceeds the forum's 9000 character limit, save it to a .txt file and podst it as an attachment. If you click the "Reply" button here, you will see an "Attachments and other settings" link.

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