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I make a contribution and I still have to go to the Microsoft store? And then I consent to all the store crap and the download doesn't happen. Instead, after some period of time I get a message that 1.8.12 is "installed." No installation file, no clue where/how the IDE is installed.

This is unacceptable.

Dr Quark


Please don't PM technical questions - post them on the forum, then everyone benefits/suffers equally


If you're talking about the Arduino IDE then I guess you must have missed the "Windows Installer for Windows XP and up" button which goes nowhere near the Microsoft Store. Give it a try.



Unbelievable. I tried five different links and all of them went the same place. I was totally blind to those two little (and very important) lines above those links. Thanks, I will attempt to stay away from the stupid pills for a couple days.

Dr Q

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