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Hello all! I had a question related to a Sputnik soft replica. I'm new here, so I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this... So I've recently had the idea to make a soft Sputnik replica, with the classic beep transmission. Problem is... I don't know how. My goal is to transmit a beeping noise to an AM frequency, at 0.3 second intervals. Does anyone know how to transmit this (or if it is possible?)
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Welcome EarlyMilly1. 

Sputnik spoken here!

Sputnik transmitted a beep beep beeping sound at 20.005-40.001 MHz.  The beeping can be easily modeled with any microprocessor or even CMOS circuit.  The sticky part comes into transmitting.  There are a few frequencies in that range that fit under the amateur satellite/amateur bands.  You will need an amateur radio license to broadcast in this range. 

21.0-21.45  Mhz
24.89-24.99  MHz
28.0-29.7 MHz

You could use the Arduino to control a DDS chip to generate 28.5Mhz.  Mix in the beeping filter and transmit.  I've grossly oversimplified this process but showing that it is doable.

Get a HAM license first.
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