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Jun 04, 2019, 03:54 pm Last Edit: Jun 04, 2019, 03:55 pm by KawasakiZx10r
Hello i am trying to run a 3v speaker or a 1v to 3v mechanical buzzer with my ESP32 and a wav file. I followed an online tutorial which uses a ESP32 and the internal DAC, though he also uses a PAM8403 between his ESP32 and the speaker where as i do not have a PAM8403 so i connected the output directly to my speaker or buzzer for testing, to which it was quit quite but also has a noticeable fuzzy noise which occurs between notes "noise". The buzzer is high quality and sounds just as good as the speaker, i am only playing retro sounds from Super BomberMan for the SNES, as i have made bomberMan for the ESP along with a ST7735, to that extent yes i have tied remove all but the speaker and checking for noise, it remains. To increase the volume i used a NPN transistor which works great but there noise remains of course, no worse or better.

So my question is what should i implement to reduce or remove the noise? can i just use a single component or two like resistors - diodes - caps as i live next to a large electrical whole sellers which would stock such else a PAM8403 would take days to arrive.
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How are you powering each component of your circuit?  I strongly suspect you have digital hash on the supply for the audio parts - you want clean power for those.
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