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I would like to introduce my latest software - Arduino Control Center.

What i had in mind when I was started this project is to develop a software which can control group of Arduino's from one place with data acquisition, e-mail notifications, alerts, charts, web interface(http and https) and, what i think it's very important, ability to create triggering rules for outputs (IF-AND(OR)-THEN set output high ELSE set output low). You can see Arduino Control Center functional diagram on this page.

Arduino Control Center is visual tool, which means that there is no C++ code to write, compile and upload to arduino(I know, many arduino users will hate this).
The program uses already compiled firmware with support for different type of network adapters(W5100 and ENC28J60 at this momment), and different types of inputs - sensors or switches,counters, timers for UNO and NANO because of the flash and ram size limitations, or all supported I/O types for MEGA including Timers and Counters. Of course, you can trigger pwm or digital output manually from desktop or web.

I think that software will be perfect for Arduino lovers who wants to build complex system with many arduino devices controlled from one place, e.g for greenhouse, farm, garden, home, etc.. 

Very important thing is that you can add supported I/O elements(sensors, relays, switches), change logic rules for triggering outputs over network adapter.
When you assign Input or Output and upload data to arduino, you are sending array of bytes(data array), check received data including CRC check, store data in eeprom, restart the arduino, read data from eeprom and create I/O configuration according to data stored in eeprom.

There is also very interesting things from web side - Users management. You can add roles for many users as Standard user(only preview data and draw charts), or Administrator(can trigger pwm and digital outputs). Web interface is responsive and  runs on all devices with modern HTML5 web browsers. 

Program limitation is obvious -  you can use only I/O supported by uploaded firmware. Here is the list with currently supported hardware.
The other thing is (don't you hate me), Arduino Control Center is not freeware software.
But, demo limitation is only affected to web server and UDP server(arduino listener). The communication with Arduino devices will be interupted randomly and servers has to be restarted manually.

All uploaded configurations to Arduino are 100% functional as standalone device, free to use, and you can "programming" Arduino devices as many as you want.

Program is portable, you can run it from USB flash with embedded database,web and UDP server, left no garbage in the OS. So far only for Windows version is available, I am working on Ubuntu but prime target is Raspberry PI for this year. Lots of features are planned - more sensors, RTC support, advanced web interface but at this moment stability with supported hardware is the most important.

Thank you for your attention.



New 0.9.2 version is released.
- Added sound for alarms. If data from Arduino devices are not received after certain time or input or output data are out of defined threshold, except e-mail, now is sound notifications are also available.
- Minor changes in desktop and web application(data charts) and small bug fixes.


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New 0.9.3 version is released

- Program is available on Linux Ubuntu 32bit - developed and tested in Virtual Box Ubuntu Zesty 17.04, Ubuntu Studio 17.04, Ubuntu Gnome 17.04, Ubuntu Mate 17.04.

Within archive folder is known_issues.txt mostly related to speciffic Linux setup and missing libraries in default installation required by Arduino Control Center.

Downloads page


New 1.1.0 version is released

- Added support for SMS notifications(not accessible Arduino device, input-output alarm) with SMS Gateway services. Tested and integrated support for BulkSMS, BudgetSMS, SMSGlobal.
- Initial support for Wiz5500 ethernet controller(tested with UNO only)
- Many code improvements

Windows Free demo:

Linux Free demo:

Version compariosion page


New 2.0.0 version is released

The most important update is support for Real Time Clock devices ds1307 and ds3231 with visual daily and weekly scheduler. Synchronization can be done over serial or network connection from application.

Arduino Control Center main page

Windows Free demo:

Linux Free demo:

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