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I want to use a Digispark as a dynamic macro keyboard.


I use a lot of different macros depending on the used software. My keyboard does not support context specific macros and does not allow to use scripting e.g. "if that than use this key, else this key". I would like to assign software (in java or python) to my regular keyboard keys. The software recognizes the context (e.g. Firefox or photoshop is open) and calculates the needed keys (if Firefox is open press this key and if photoshop is open that key). The keys should be than transferred to the digispark via usb (DigiCDC should allow this) and then send back as keystrokes from a HID keyboard. I don't want to do this in pure software (which would be possible) because I plan to add a mechanical key tester for more keys later.

Is it possible to use DigiCDC and DigiKeyboard at the same time (not in parallel but having a serial connection open and using DigiKeyboard)?

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