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Hello Arduino's members ! :)

I create this topic to get some informations about the MKR1300 module.
In fact, I would like to know if there is a way to use a TFT Touch screen with the MKR board ? If it is possible, can someone tell me what I need to buy ?
If my question isn't clear, I explain my problem below:

For my project, I need to use a Touchscreen, to get informations from the LoRaWAN network and to save those informations on an SD card.

That's why I need to know if the MKR1300 board is working with a TFT Touchscreen.
I have some ideas, but not very concrete. I was thinking about a Grove board on which I can connect the MKR board AND the Touchscreen. In addition, I can connect a RTC module on the Grove board.

All answers are welcome !


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