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Using Neural Network on Arduino (particularly on Arduino Uno) is difficult because its reduced hardware. But Neural Network can be proficiently used also on this kind of hardware, as well as the new trend about IA on IoT  proves. So, specific attention has been payed on memory optimizzation. But, flexibility for using with more powerfull hardware has been preserved. This library can be used from Arduino Uno to PC.

The Neural Network Library (NNetLib) can be foun on:



Thanks for your contribution to the Arduino project!

I'd like to make a suggestion:
Put the library files directly in the repository, not in a .zip file in the repository. GitHub already automatically generates .zip files you can download via the Clone or download > Download ZIP button on the repository home page or the Releases page. Putting the .zip file in the repository just makes it so that it's difficult for any collaborative work to occur on the project, so that diffs of the development work can't be viewed, and so that the repository gets huge very quickly due to containing a binary file. Essentially you lose all the benefits of GitHub and Git by unnecessarily having the library in this .zip file.

I recommend using the official Arduino library repositories as a model for your own repositories:

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