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Good morning everyone, I'm doing a design and use several external sensors, temperature sensor, humidity sensor... I wanted to ask if it is possible to use these values and put them in an Excell sheet and then make graphs.
The device is located in a place where there is no internet so I should save the values and every 1 or 2 months I go to download them. Does anyone know how to do this? Do I need an external memoir? Is there a special command that does this operation?

I wish you a good day and hope you can help me  :)


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This is a common Arduino project for which it is very well suited. Since you intend to retrieve the values once a month or so, the obvious solution is to record the data to on-board SD card. The magic commands are
and thereby accumulated as a .csv file which may be read directly into Excel.

The file(s) may be eventually retrieved by extracting the card or simply downloaded to a phone via Bluetooth.

There are datalogging and filedumping examples included with the SD library. You will probably have an on-board RTC, and you can also use that to name files by date.


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Okay thank you very much, I'll go buy a module to put a micro SD external and try to save the data :)
If I have to save data for 1 year, do I write 10 values 4 times a day, is a 1 Gb memory enough?


If I have to save data for 1 year, do I write 10 values 4 times a day, is a 1 Gb memory enough?
Do some sums....

40 saves a day for 366 days is 14,640 saves a year.

Multiply that the size of your variables. If they're floats, eg, they will use 4 bytes each, so a total of ~60k per year

Or work backwards from the SD card size and divide by the variable size to see how many saves you can do to the card....

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