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Few questions in hand:

1. Is it safe to use the 5V regulator if I'm using 3x NCR18650B in series? (11.1V normal, 12.6V maximum voltage)

2. I've seen somewhere that there will be voltage drop to the output pins due to:

-the h-bridge mechanism in the motor driver (drop 2.4V)

-using the 5V regulator (drop 2.5V)

Does the voltage drop stacks if I use the 5V regulator? (2.4 + 2.5)

So assuming if i want to control a 6V motor and use the regulator to power my Arduino at the same time, do i need to supply extra 5V to cancel the voltage drop?


Is it safe to use the 5V regulator
What 5V regulator, and for what purpose?

Your entire question is unclear, but rather than worrying about the ancient, weak, inefficient L298N driver, consider using a modern, much more efficient and capable motor driver like these from Pololu.

If you do, all these questions will become irrelevant.

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