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I tried to get my MKR GSM 1400 working with a SIM card from swisscom.

Switzerland: carrier swisscom 3-in-1-sim card NANO => with frame => MICRO SIM card

PinManagement.ino serial out:

"PIN and PUK locked. Use PIN2/PUK2 in a mobile phone."

But the card is clearly working with any other of my devices!

Anyone knows if this is a problem of the SIM card being a NANO with a frame? (already call my carrier, they  only have those 3-in-1 SIM cards.)


Hi cappelli84,

I have one of those Swisscom Multi Device SIM working in an MKR GSM 1400.

Just tried PinManagement.ino and this is what I get:

22:43:35.919 -> Change PIN example
22:43:35.919 ->
22:43:40.656 -> No pin necessary.
22:43:40.656 -> Checking register in GSM network...OK
22:43:47.962 -> Choose an option:
22:43:47.962 -> 1 - On/Off PIN.

And this is expected as these SIM are shipped without a PIN.

I also have this 3-in-1 format, and I am using the micro frame with the nano in there.

Please ensure that contacts are properly made in the SIM slot.
Are you using a LiPo battery? My board reacts a bit erratically without a battery...


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