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Hi, guys

I`m really new in arduino and just playing with diodes. My next step in arduino will be Ethernet shield, but here in Russia we got really crazy price for official ethernet shield ~100$. I checked ebay for ethernet shields and found a lot of variants, but most of them has text in description "for Arduino Duemilanove", but i have Arduino Uno.

May be somebody can advise me good ethernet shield for my Arduino Uno?

Thanks for your help


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The Duemilanove and UNO have the same ATMega328 chip (brain) and same pin spacing/usage. The difference is the kind of chip used in the serial-to-USB converter. Any ethernet shield for the Duemilanove will work exactly the same on the UNO, and vice versa.

The Wiznet chip (W5100) models are much easier to use.
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May be somebody can advise me good ethernet shield for my Arduino Uno?

Maybe you can check www.dragino.com. it provides ethernet (Wifi and LAN) to Arduino like products. besides this, it also provide a 180M CPU, and 8M flash and 16M SDRAM.


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