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The HT16K33 is an LED driver found on a lot of things. I am wondering if anyone knows of a good library for it using a 7 segment display clock like display. I can only find one and it appears you cannot Enable the colon. This library was found in the library manager of Arduino and is the only one that come us when searching HT16k33.

This is the last thing in my project and I cannot find any data on enabling the colon on the display for a clock. any help is appreciated!


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Where is your code? Where are the links to the component data sheets and libraries you are using? Please read the forum guide before you post again. No-one can help you much from what you posted.

Led displays for clocks come in many designs, with the colon connected to different pins. Unless the library you are using was designed for your specific model of clock display, there's no way the library author can make a function to control the colon. But most libraries will have functions that will allow control over each part of the display, if you know the wiring between the display and the driver.

Most probably, the colon is connected as though it is a decimal point for one of the digits. But I have seen other clock displays where that is not true.


Display of the colon as such has nothing whatsoever to do with the HT16K33 or the library - they are entirely capable.

You have failed to cite the display you are using.  A four digit display will commonly have 12 pins, 6 along the top and 6 along the bottom.  If so, the decimal point connection will either enable the four decimal points or the colon and perhaps the "PM" and alarm indicators on one side.

With a 12 pin display,  you can only have four decimal point functions at most; you cannot have everything!  If the display has more pins (such as either Adafruit one), then there are other possible allocations.

The colon is usual controlled with the same line/bit as the point, i.e. you either have a colon or you have points on the display.

I have made a library that supports HT16K33 and many other displays: http://lygte-info.dk/project/DisplayDriver%20UK.html#HT16K33_8_digit_LED_display

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