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Trisecting an angle using compass and straightedge (well... almost anyways).

Care to review?



That's pretty clever, but I know a better way.

Use compass to find straight edge, then use straight edge to hoke out calculator from behind the sofa where it fell the other day.

Then use the calculator :)

Woops, there's a bug in that algorithm, compass has been defined as type "direction_finding_device", it should be "circle_drawing_device".

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


Nice work, very laborious. I'm drawing a blank in my head for angle/3. I haven't done hand drawings for ages. What software were you using?
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Thank you!

I used GeoGebra. It's really awesome for construction :)

Code: [Select]
float trisect(float angle)
  static const int COMPASS_AND_STRAIGHTEDGE = 3;
  return angle / COMPASS_AND_STRAIGHTEDGE; //trisect using only compass and a straightedge


In math class, we learned how to trisect an angle exactly (theoretically) on a piece of paper.  Requires folding the paper to make certain crease lines.

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