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Im just new to this IDE
im using the belo code to configure wife, its a client server configuration with node mcu
i need to send an email of received message, but in this configuration Node mcu is not connected to network

how can this be done?
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void SetWifi(char* Name, char* Password)
    // Stop Any Previous WIFI

    // Setting The Wifi Mode
    Serial.println("WIFI Mode : AccessPoint Station");
    // Setting The Access Point
    TKDssid      = Name;
    TKDpassword  = Password;
    // Starting The Access Point
    WiFi.softAP(TKDssid, TKDpassword);
    Serial.println("WIFI < " + String(TKDssid) + " > ... Started");
    // Wait For Few Seconds
    // Getting Server IP
    IPAddress IP = WiFi.softAPIP();
    // Printing The Server IP Address
    Serial.print("AccessPoint IP : ");

    // Starting Server
    Serial.println("Server Started");



If i do it, will it work as client server?
attached is my code

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