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I'm very very new to the arduino world. So bear with me. I've just bought an arduino nano and had a bit of a play to familiarise my self with it by building some simple circuits.

The reason for getting the nano is to start building a project for my car. I have a Herbie the love bug replica that I want to be interactive with people. My goal is to have the car be automated with motion and sound. Functions would include front bonnet opening and closing, headlights rotating left and right, etc.
But I also want to include mp3 sound bytes with these motions.  I have also purchased a GPD2846A TF card to access sounds via an SD card. I'm currently waiting on that to arrive.

My question is has anyone done something similar to this where as to have a moving function and have a selected sound play at the same time?


I can't see why this would not be possible. You need to sort out a motion sensor but it should be straightforward.

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