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So I am trying to make a terror drone from Red alert as a hobby. I am starting with an arduino nano and 5 pcs of micro servos but to complete the mobility section I need 18 micro servos in which I need another arduino as a slave for the first. Any advice and sugestion before I start my project???


use an io expander, there are a nomber of these (i2c, serial ... 8 bit, 16 bit ...)


Adafruit makes a 16 channel servo board that is commonly used for these.  You can either run more thano one of these boards or use it for the first 16 and run any additional servos with the signals directly from the arduino.

Be aware that it is very easy to overlook the torque requirements at a particular joint - the servo closest to the body that lifts and lowers the leg.  Basically, it bears all the weight of the walker on 2 legs at a time, and the distance between the foot and the servo make for a long lever that the servo uses to keep the walker off the ground.

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