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I bought new ArduinoBT (never held in my hands Arduino or ArduinoBT etc... complete noob).
right now i have only the ArduinoBT board.
What hardware i need to get to connect my PC (running windows) using Bluetooth to the board?
as i understood there's no USB connection between those two.
How do i supply it power etc?
pls be specific as much as you can since i want to go to the nearby electronic shop and buy the list (complete noob to electronic also).
i bought Arduino because i was curious and thought it will help me to start with electronics and have fun in the same time.

few more questions:
1) How can i get/know the hardware address of the board (will look for that in the paired bluetooth devices)?
2) How can i make the ArduinoBT board be paired?
3) In the Arduino 0022 application i can pick from ArduinoBT w/ATmega328 and ATmega168 - how can i know what board i got? what is the difference?
4) Where is the reset button on the board? how can i press it?


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