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A majority of what?

(Do your studies include basic literacy?)
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sorry, It was an honest question. No need to alpha my 93 posts, I dont have time to post 25 times per day lol
Fair enough.

But even when I look at it now it seems a strange question popped out of the blue without any context.

I can't even begin to imagine how you might conceive of Tesla's purchasing decisions having any impact on the Arduino business. There may well be a perfectly logical explanation for your thought connections but you have not shared it with us.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


I'm going to get my JD and hopefully become a patent lawyer. my undergrad was mechanical engineering.

Good points, would like to see some better grade devices from arduino's side.
Might be good to include some manufacturing economics in your education. Tesla and any other capable manufacture of anything will contract out all component manufacturing they can do. That way they don't have to carry expensive personnel on their books and they can postpone paying for the R&D and for the training of the engineers. And they can bitch about the subassembly and hold up payment.

Better yet, take some courses a corporate controller might take.

Tesla only writes the specifications for the devices and accepts responsibility only when it works.

Remember the VW Diesel fiasco? They paid me $6800 to rework the emissions on my Jetta TDI. And then Bosch sent me a check for $200 because they did all the software and knew better that to let VW get away with cheating, but did it anyway.

Same with Boeing Airplane. Almost all is assemblies are subcontracted.

You will see a different Arduino when sales stop.



Very interesting isn't it? Electrification is huge in the automotive realm and it is strange to me how arduino still wants to deal with novice;s like me! why arent they shooting for the stars?
Why doesn't Lego get into building skyscrapers instead of just models?  Surely that pays more than toys?  Why don't they shoot for the stars?

I think you are confusing the AVR microcontroller on the Arduino for the Arduino itself.  I'm sure that microcontroller gets used in all sorts of things.  If I were a car manufacturer, why would I want to use a development board in my finished product?  I would just use the micro and forget the dev board.  Why pay Arduino at all when I can just get the chip from AVR?

Arduino gives you a nice easy beginner friendly development environment to learn to code with microcontrollers, but they do not make microcontrollers.  They make boards to help learn to use microcontrollers.  How would that be even remotely useful in an automobile?  There you just need a micro, you don't need any help learning to play with it. 

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Very interesting isn't it? Electrification is huge in the automotive realm and it is strange to me how arduino still wants to deal with novice;s like me! why arent they shooting for the stars?
Because Arduino is a system with IDE, boards, site and forum while cars to satellites have chips.

These AVR and ARM chips on Arduino boards are still being made in huge numbers, the hobby market is just one small niche. A $2-something ATmega328P can run loads of things that a bigger controller would be wasted on.
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