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That trinket board looks pretty amazing.

Sorry about the wasted text.  I agree, no one wants to read a book just to find two relevant sentences.

I'm familiar with the ATTiny.  If that would work I would go with that approach.

I have to research which pins go to what to make that all work.   I did use the ATTiny in another board that was used for the shuttle bay on the ship.  I'll look into that and see if it would be applicable to this project.

Thank you,


I doubt that you'll get your PCB under the size of a Pro Mini or Micro, including caps, mounting holes, programming headers etc. The LED resistors go into the cables and switches can use the built-in pullups, i.e. no parts that have to be added to an Arduino board.


I have enough room for a board that is probably 2 inches by 1 inch.  Actually about (2) of these spaces in the model mounting base.   The resistors, LED's and switch would all be mounted in the model or on the face of the model mounting base.

I'm just looking for a PCB board that has probably a power reducing transistor, and the driver for the two LED's that represent the photon emitters.


Why don't you read what you've been told already?


Do you mean the micro - mini board you mentioned before?    What is a micro mini board?

Is that this thing? 


Or is it that Trinket board mentioned above?

Keep in mind that outside of Trevor's videos I know NOTHING about this sort of thing.

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Keep in mind that outside of Trevor's videos I know NOTHING about this sort of thing.
Your never going to learn how to ride a bike until you try to ride a bike.

You have a Arduino, start using it or put it in the garage somewhere to collect dust while you dream of adding photons someday.


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Well that's why I'm here asking these questions.   :o   


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They are referring to the Arduino Pro-Mini.  (edit: the same one you linked to above)

Arduino Pro-Mini

But I suggest to you to use the Arduino Nano (if it fits your size requirements)

(because for the Pro-Mini above, you need an external board/programmer to upload the code, and I dont think you're up for that)
Arduino Nano:

** I am not suggestion you BUY from either place... they are for visual reference only**

but if you try to explain the effect you are going for (wither the 'extras' you dont want to play for) ;)

it might be easier to get a direct response to a direct effect/question..

As for the an Adruino UNO.. I suggest to get one as well anyways..  they are easy to use for prototyping and testing things out...  you then swap out the UNO for the NANO  (same code....etc)  when you want to permanently install it in your project.  You can solder directly to the pins on the NANO...using the resistors in-line...

wont take up any room at all.

lots of people do this over at the RPF forums and stuff... to their models and props.


This is EXACTLY what I'm looking for! 

Thank you all for the help. 

Keep in mind that we all had to start somewhere.  This was my start.

I put the name in the thread hoping that another person that had done the exact same board would reply.  Next time I'll add more detail and describe exactly what I'm looking for.  It's not that easy to tell you what I need when I don't know what I need.

I realize I could have built his entire board from those videos, but I wasn't after that.  I now know more than I did when started this tread. 

Anyway, I appreciate all the help.



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Yep,... we all had to start some where...  and you will have to adhere and confirm like everyone else to the standards as well!   :)  lol

There is a TON of talent here and EE with many years of real life experience to learn from!.. 

But this isnt 'school' per say..  if you want help you need to ask a direct question

if you want to learn, you will get links to tutorials and write ups to get you started (which you should google/find on your own).. if for no other reason than to just talk a bit more intelligently/informed and be able to also understand the feedback/responses that are given.

if you want 'prop' help you should check out a prop specific forum (ie: www.therpf.com or many others!)


Will do on all of the above. 

Thanks again for the help fellas.


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