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I'm sure there is something stupid simple I'm missing but I can't seem to figure out how to use the higher numbered digital pins( 22-53) in my project. I have a simple sketch that turns on the LED when a button is pressed. If I use +5v and GND with the switch connected to pin 2 everything works great. If I change my sketch to use pin 22 and move my switch wire to that port, the board turns off and back on when I press the button, as if something shorted out.

Can anyone give me some advice on what could be wrong? Is there something special I need to do when using higher numbered digital pins?


Sounds like you are missing a resistor somewhere.
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f I use +5v and GND with the switch

That sounds like you have missed wired it. The only problem is why did you get away with it with pin 2? Probably another mistake.


I do have a pull-up resistor but mabey it's wired into the circuit incorrectly. I seem to recall reading somewhere that the arduino has built in pull-up resistors but that they are disabled by default. What would I need to do to enable the resistor for that pin?


What would I need to do to enable the resistor for that pin?

Do a:-
to turn them on.
However, if you have messed up the wiring that is not going to stop you shorting out the supply.

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