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   I need project guidance for the project Arduino Uno based quadcopter and it will use esp node MCU for control.
I am a newbie to drone projects, I need support for my project.

In my project, the drone must not be using remote controller and if i give some inputs in my database which will be in my server the nodemcu should fetch the input,for example if latitude XX longitutde YY Altitude 5meter, once i power on the drone it should read the input data using Wifi and start raising untill 5meter on that particular latitutde and longitude values alone.And later i will be adding sensors to detect the obstacles and act according to it.First i need to know how to write code for lifting up.

The main reason that i am choosing Arduino uno is,my actual project is based on Hifive1 micro controller it supports arduino platform so later i will change the codes and libraries according to Hifive1.

Note: Remote control should not be used.one time program only,after that everything should be automatic.

your guidance is much valuable to me! Awaiting positive response.

Thank you.


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Hi, i think it is wise to first build a regular drone,  fly it and get to know it's characteristics. This will help you later on when going autonomous.

Can you please tell us what you have done already?


I haven't done anything yet in terms of flying stuff, this is my first project related to this  drone kind of things. And Yes! i have been collecting basic requirements to fly a quadcopter from scratch ,many people have used RC controller. I am working for a company ,so my task is exactly what i have mentioned about the project ,but within a month i should be able to fly the copter atleast 1meter high from the ground using wifi module.Since time is running out i am seeking for the fast help.

Even i would like to know more about the working priciples of a copter.I am trying my level best parallely.
My support is very few. That is the reason.


Well, if this is for a company i guess they will have abudget for this. There are off the shelf solutions for this.

What you are trying to accomplish is very difficult within a month. There is a user on the forum here doing the autonomous flight for a plane and he is a seasoned plane builder. He is working for quite a while (a lot more than one month) on this already.

So to be honest i think your plan is quite ambitious.

I would say start with your drine. Do research on what you need. Does it have to carry a load? Camera or other equipment? Start on some rc modeling forum (rcgroups is a big one) and get help with your drone.

Hove you figured whar sensors you need? You will need a gps module for position. A good way of measuring altitute. Barometer is ok but not accurate enough for what you want, is what i understood from previously refered forum user. He uses lidar.

When you know what you need, start to write some code for those components and try to get them to work so you can combine that later.

There are arduino based flightcontrolers that will take away some of the hurdles. I believe there is easy adjustable PID  control build in.


Well, I agree with your words and you are right!
Thank you for your time and support.


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I have developed an RC based quadcopter (using my risc-v based mcu hifive1), Still some pid tuning is pending for better stability. My next step would be making it to an autonomous one. initially i want to make the quadcopter to hover at some height on a particular position once i turn it on. So how it differs from RC method to automatic take off? Can some one explain me the working principle.

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