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Jun 12, 2019, 10:58 am Last Edit: Jun 12, 2019, 10:59 am by xtremi
From googling and reading on this forum, I see how the sparkfun HX711 module can be switched from 10Hz to 80Hz by disconnecting a certain pin and connecting it to another.

I have the XFW-HX711 module, which looks like this:

I can't find much information on how to activate 80Hz mode, but the board clearly shows 80 and 10Hz on the board. I assume I need to solder the two pins beside the 80Hz mark (in red in the image). But should I remove the connection by the 10Hz mark (in blue in the image)?


You most likely have to move that zero ohm smd resistor in the blue box to the pads in the red box.

Alternately heat each side of the resistor with a soldering iron until you can sweep of the resistor WITHOUT FORCE.
Then solder it onto the pads in the red box, or bridge the pads in the red box with a blob of solder.

I assume you know that you trade speed for accuracy and/or resolution.


Thanks @Wawa! Yes I was assuming there would be a trade off. I have multiple HX711s, so I'll be able to compare the results.

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